How to Thread Dreads

By Heather Dewar

There are many different ways to form dreadlocks. However, once the hair begins to grow out, hair at the root is often loose and does not lock on its own. This looks messy and requires maintenance to improve. One way to tighten the roots of dreadlocks involves threading dreadlocks, using a crochet hook. This method takes practice to master and is a time consuming process, but is doable for the average person who wants nice-looking dreads.

Dreadlocks require regular maintenance to look neat.

Step 1

Grab a single dreadlock, starting at the back of the head near the hairline.

Step 2

Take one section and tie a knot at the bottom end.

Step 3

Work up from the bottom of the head and push the crochet hook through the end of the dreadlock, near the root.

Step 4

Wrap the other end of the dread-lock around the crochet hook, then pull the crochet hook back through the dreadlock.

Step 5

Move the crochet hook about 15 degrees and insert again, repeating the same crochet actions until you thread all the roots and the lock is tight.

Step 6

Move on to the next dreadlock and repeat. Continue until you have threaded all the dreadlocks.