shoe image by max blain from Fotolia.com

Merrell shoes, sandals and boots are known for their comfort and function. They are intended for people who love the outdoors and want a performance shoe that doesn’t necessarily look like one. Merrell offers products for men, women and children, and even some vegan options. Be cautious when purchasing the shoes from a third-party or unauthorized vendor so that you can tell if the shoes are really Merrell.

Check for the logos. On most Merrell shoes, you should find a raised “Merrell” logo in all capital letters on the outside middle of the shoe. If you look inside, you should also see the word printed in all capitals across the heel of the footbed.

Look at the bottom of the shoe. All Merrell shoes, regardless of style, have a textured, gripping sole made of sticky rubber. This is meant to give the wearer better traction.

Consider the price. Merrell shoes start at about $70 for sandals and go up to $185 for boots (as of 2010). You may be able to purchase versions at a discount, but if you find an especially deep discount, you should pay especially close attention to the other details.

Bend the toe and heel. Most Merrell shoes have a flexible sole, and you will be able to bend it to varying degrees. Generally, sandals are the most flexible, and boots are the least.

Try the shoe on. Merrell shoes have air-cushioning insoles and molded arches for comfort.