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Prada bags, if genuine, are well-made, highly collectible and famously pricey. Anonymous manufacturers create "knockoff" designer handbags with hefty price tags to make a quick profit at the expense of unsuspecting buyers. These fakes at first glance look like genuine Prada, often right down to the style of fabric, handles and hardware. A closer examination can reveal inexpensive non-genuine clasps and hardware, poor stitching, missing or inaccurate tags and incorrect logos.

Tags and Logos

Genuine Prada bags have tags noting the designer name. Inside a Prada bag is a tag stating "Prada bag made in Italy." If this tag is missing or says something other than that, the bag may be counterfeit. Logos on the fabric, tags, labels and hardware will all bear the Prada name in Prada's particular stylized typeface: all capital letters with a cutaway in the middle of the R, and extra-thick right bars on the letter A, which hang freely on the top left of the letter. If the typeface is anything other than this, the bag is most likely not genuine. The Prada name is also typically stylized into a logo with a straight line, a curved line and a circle beneath it on a bag's tags.


The fabric on many Prada bags also bears the Prada name and typeface somewhere within the bag, even if just as the inner lining. As with the tags and logos on the bag, look for proper spelling, all in capital letters and the specific Prada typeface. If the fabric itself doesn't bear the Prada name, not even inside the bag, you should find raised stitches on a tag inside the bag that form the Prada name and logo.


All hardware on a genuine Prada bag has the look and feel of quality. If any edges are rough, or the clasps and other hardware seem to be made of an inexpensive, easily breakable metal or other material, these are signs of a knockoff. Zippers on genuine Prada bags are also well-made and will open and close smoothly without a hitch. If the zipper doesn't feel right when it opens and closes, or seems like a cheap zipper, it may be a sign of a counterfeit bag.

Stitching and Price

As with the other materials used in a genuine Prada bag, all of the stitching, inside and out, should have the look and feel of quality. If stitches are loose, uneven or missing, the bag is likely a counterfeit. The price is also a good indication of a genuine bag. If the bag in question has a price tag that's a fraction of a like Prada bag, chances are the inexpensive bag is a knockoff.

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