Just as well-maintained eyebrows can frame your face, unruly ones can diminish your look. Stray hairs that alter your arch or stand up straight can be tamed easily with several tricks and products.

A few multipurpose beauty products that you don't ordinarily use on your brows can help you fight those hard-to-control hairs.

If taming unruly brows is a daily struggle, invest in a product designed to smooth, shape and control the eyebrows. Brow gels help protect your brow shape while targeting any stray hairs that won't stay in place. Swipe the wand across each eyebrow, moving in an upward motion in the direction of your natural arch. Continue to apply the brow gel onto the unruly hairs until they are under control.


Both clear and tinted brow gels can help tame those stray hairs, so choose the best one for your brows. If you want to fill in sparse areas while grooming the brows, opt for a tinted style. Just make sure the tinted gel only stains the hair, not the skin underneath your brows, which can result in an unnatural look.

A brow brush is another way to style thick or unruly brows. Look for a brush with an angled tip, which allows you to maintain even the narrow ends of your eyebrows. Brush the out-of-control hairs in the direction of their natural growth so they no longer stick up straight.


For especially hard-to-control eyebrows, combine these methods to create sleek, well-maintained brows. For example, a spritz of hairspray followed by a quick brushing of those wild hairs can result in the face-framing eyebrows you've always wanted.