How to Style Your Hair Like Matt Damon's

By LeafTV Editor

Matt Damon is one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors, like modern heartthrobs like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Damon's simple and structured hairstyle makes his signature look a favorite of men the world over. Learning how to style your like Matt Damon's isn't difficult; in fact, it can be achieved by following these steps.

Matt Damon
credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages
How to Style Your Hair Like Matt Damon's


Search online for pictures of Matt Damon throughout the years. Note that his hairstyles are similar over time, although with some alterations in length.

Cut your hair in a close men's cut, taking care to edge and shape around the hairline to create a clean and sophisticated look. Determine whether you want to keep some length toward the front of the head for styling purposes or whether you'd like to mimic Damon's more recent shorter style for ease of styling.

Square off the crown and sides of the head for the more recent flat-top version of Matt Damon's hairstyle. Keep the hair its natural color, but consider adding in a bit of dark blond or light brown for greater depth. For the most part, Matt Damon keeps his hair close to its natural color.

Use a good alcohol-free styling pomade or spritz to create depth in the front of the hairline. Squeeze or spray the pomade into your palms, rub them together and lightly deposit the product in the front of the hair. You are going for a tousled look in the longer portion of the hair.

Notice that Matt Damon has a particularly strong jaw line and bone structure to support his short and manicured hairstyle. Think about your own jaw line and defining features before attempting the shorter versions of the Matt Damon style.


  • Keep a boyish quality to the cut. It looks -- and is -- easy to maintain.