American actor Tom Cruise has a career that's spanned several decades. From his roles in "Risky Business" up to action movies like "Mission Impossible," his hair has been one of the only things to stay the same. To style hair like this actor you'll need some specific products and a great cut.

  • Large roller brush
  • Hair gel
  • Mousse
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Blow dryer (optional)
  • Pomade
  • Hair spray or styling spray

Cut hair to closely fit the shape of the head and the nape of the neck, similar to Cruise's cut in movies like "Top Gun." Leave the front a little longer to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Brush back the front of the hair using a large roller brush to keep the hair from getting flattened down.

Combine equal parts hair gel and mousse or use a product that combines both. Mix the combination together in your hands. Jason All Natural Mousse is a great choice because it contains nutrients to increase the strength of the hair. Jason also makes a great styling gel that's lightweight and not greasy.

Apply the gel and mousse mixture directly to the hair while still wet. Run your hands through your hair several times to evenly distribute the mixture.

Comb the hair using a wide-tooth comb and let it air dry or use a blow dryer to set the look. A hair dryer works best if you're in a hurry.

Add a little dab of pomade once the hair's dry like Physique Precision Pomade. The pomade makes the hair shiny like Cruise's and helps set in the look.

Use hair spray or styling spray to complete the look. Use a non-sticky formula to prevent helmet head and to make the hair look more natural such as the results you'd get from Fast Drying Sculpting Spray from Paul Mitchell.

  • Fans occasionally get to see Tom in a different look that's much farther from his norm, such as his long and shaggy locks in "The Last Samurai" and who can forget his curly, blonde tresses in "Interview With the Vampire," but you see this style most often on the star.