How to Style a Pompadour

By LeafTV Editor

The pompadour first came into fashion in the 1950s as such American icons as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash sang their rockabilly tunes while sporting a pompadour. While it lost its popularity toward the end of the last century, it still makes frequent appearances in period movies and as a finishing touch to a Halloween costume.

Red Wig Pompadour
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How to Style a Pompadour


Wet your hair slightly. Be sure not to soak your hair so that it is dripping, but simply add a little water to your hair so that it is damp to the touch.

Scoop a half-dollar size amount of pomade into your palm and rub it between your hands to heat it up. By heating the pomade with your hands, it is easier to work into your hair.

Apply the pomade to your hair by first slicking the sides of your hair back with your hands. Then apply the rest of the pomade to the top of your hair in a similar fashion by working the product from back to front. If you feel you need a little more pomade because of the length of your hair, warm it up in your hands before applying to the top of your head.

Create the pompadour style by using your comb. If you've ever seen an episode of Happy Days, then you can mimic the Fonz on how he would style his pompadour. Comb the hair back on each side of your head. Make sure that the hair is tight to the scalp. Next, choose a side on the top of your head and comb the hair diagonally while lifting up with your comb. This will give your hair height, while at the same time creating the pompadour style. Give your wrist a final "flick" at the end to allow a few hairs to curl down over the front of your forehead.


  • You may also use wax if you cannot find pomade. And if you're really a die hard, you can also go for Vaseline, although it's tough to wash out.

  • To reset the style once the product is in (say after a few hours,) simply moisten your hair and re-comb as described. It will hold for another few hours.