If you want to make your curly hair straight, but you do not have a straightening iron available, you can use a curling iron to straighten your hair.

Rub leave-in conditioner through your hair evenly to help brush out the tangles.

Brush your hair until it is tangle free.

Take a small portion of your hair and brush it to ensure that it will be completely straight.

Clip the curling iron on your hair closest to the top toward the root as possible.

Slide the curling iron slowly down this portion of the air, making sure you do it evenly.

Continue around your head until you have straightened all of your hair.


  • Make sure you do the underside of your hair as well. If you just straighten the top of your hair, it will not look natural.

  • Use mirrors to straighten the back of your hair. You need both hands to straighten your hair with a curling iron, so you will have to use wall mirrors and medicine cabinet mirrors and adjust them so you can see the back of your hair. If you don't have access to mirrors, you may need to have a friend help you with the back of your hair.

  • You can also curl a portion of your hair under, going all the way to the top of your hair and let the iron sit for a few minutes, then curl it back the opposite direction to straighten your hair.