By Erica Roth

Tortillas are flat, thin rounds of bread made from cornmeal or flour and are a staple in Mexican cooking. The size of a tortilla can range from a small, 6-inch diameter to bigger, burrito-sized shapes that measure as large as 14 inches across. Unused tortillas can be wrapped up and saved for another time if they are stored properly. Improper storage can turn fresh tortillas into stale, limp rounds very quickly.

High angle view of a bowl of dip on tortilla's with bell peppers
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Step 1

Store a package of tortillas in the refrigerator for optimum freshness, according to Mission Foodservice. Refrigeration at 35 to 40 degrees F for an opened package of tortillas can keep the product fresh for up to two weeks, according to The Arizona Republic. Place the tortillas in an airtight container or food storage bag before storing them.

Step 2

Reduce the chance of tortillas sticking together by storing them in short stacks. For example, if a package contains 10 pieces, create a stack of no more than 20 tortillas in order to peel them off of each other more easily.

Step 3

Keep tortillas in a cool, dry storage area if refrigeration is not possible. Temperatures of more than 85 degrees F can accelerate the spoilage of open tortillas. Try to use the product within five days to achieve the best taste.

Step 4

Freeze unused tortillas if you will not be using them in the immediate future. Frozen tortillas should be stored flat in an airtight container. Use within three months to prevent spoiling or staleness.