MACRO: Breadcrumbs fall on the table as female chef mixes them in hot pan.

Instead of purchasing overpriced breadcrumbs, consider a more budget conscious choice of crushed crackers. Crackers, which can range from saltines to butter flavored crisps, are ideal for crushing and using for breadcrumbs. Crackers are less expensive than breadcrumbs, can serve double duty as a snack and coating, and can be crushed and used if they are slightly stale. Breadcrumbs are used to coat food before cooking or used as a topping for main and side dishes. You can create seasoned breadcrumbs by simply adding a little spice to the cracker crumbs and allowing them to sit overnight.

Place a few crackers into a large, gallon-size resealable bag. Release the air until the bag is flat, but the crackers are still able to move around within the bag.

Seal the bag and verify it is closed completely. Once the crackers are placed inside the bag and it is sealed, turn the bag upside down over a counter. If the seal remains, then you can start to crush.

Use a rolling pin to crush the crackers within the bag. You will start to crush the crackers by applying pressure to the crackers and moving the rolling pin back and forth over the bag. Once the crackers reach a finer consistency, then the rolling pin will be easier to maneuver. Continue rolling and moving the rolling pin over the bag until the crackers are fine enough to use.

Open the bag and empty the newly created breadcrumbs into a bowl. Add more crackers to the bag and crush until you reach your desired amount.


Blend crackers in a food processor or blender if you do not have a rolling pin. Use the same method to crush cookies.