scrambled eggs in vintage frying iron pan, overhead view

Freezing is an excellent method to maintain food's freshness for use at a later date. If food isn't sealed properly before freezing, it can form freezer burn; freezer burn gives food an off-taste and rubbery texture. Frozen items last about four months, but should be checked on a monthly basis. Use airtight containers and plastic bags to prevent any air from entering. By both bagging and using a container to hold the food, the odds of freezer burn are decreased.

Put the scrambled eggs into the sealable plastic bag. Be sure to remove excess air from the bag.. Squeeze the zipper tight to make sure it's closed completely.

Next, place the bag in an airtight container. Put the lid on tightly.

Place the container in the freezer.

Check on food-- once a month to ensure its freshness.


  • Check the container every few weeks for cracks.