Pile of pickles jars in the city market of Budapest.

Having an airtight seal for your food products can make a difference in quality, taste and shelf life. The air is food's worst enemy as it breaks down the food and can make it go bad faster. There are multiple ways to store your food naturally and effectively, making your food last a lot longer. Canning, food storage containers and food storage bags all make great choices when it comes to creating an airtight seal to preserve your food.

Can Your Food

Can your food to give it a very long shelf life and a very tight seal that keeps the air out.

Fill a pot with water, and place it on a stove top. Allow the water to come to a rapid boil.

Place the two parts of the lid in the boiling water for five minutes.

Use tongs to remove the lids from the boiling water, and place them immediately on the jar. Screw the lid on tight, and allow to cool for five to 10 minutes.

Test the seal by pressing the middle button of the lid. The button shouldn't move and should have been vacuumed down. If the button moves up and down, the seal is broken and needs to be heated again.

Use Food Storage Containers

Use food storage containers for general storing of refrigerated food for three to four days.

Purchase either disposable or permanent food storage containers from a grocery or big box store.

Place your food items in the container, and press the lid on tight to maintain an airtight seal.

Refrigerate food items immediately for best results.

Use Food Storage Bags

Use food storage bags to store food or liquids refrigerated for three to four days.

Purchase food storage bags at a grocery or big box store.

Place food or liquid in the bag, and press out any air in the bag. Seal the bag using the zipper-like feature on the top of the bag.

Refrigerate immediately for best results.