Freezing your food prevents wastage
Moyo Studio/iStock/GettyImages

Food packed in a Seal-a-Meal vacuum stays fresh much longer than food left exposed to the air. Plastic rolls are stored on-board so you can quickly make whatever size bag you need in less than a minute. Once sealed in the bag, store it in the freezer without worrying about freezer burn. The bags can be microwaved or moved directly from the freezer to a pot of boiling water without melting.

Pull out enough plastic from the roll stored in the Seal-a-Meal machine to create the size bag you need. Cut the plastic using the sliding cutting tool on the machine.

Place one end of the plastic onto the sealing platform. Close the lid and press down slightly to lock the lid in place.

Press the start button and the plastic edges will fuse together. Once complete, open the lid and remove the bag.

Add the food to the bag and seal the other end in the same manner. While the bag is sealing, the machine also sucks all of the air out of the bag. This will prevent freezer burn and keep food fresh longer because it won't be exposed to air.


Foods that contain large amounts of air, such as marshmallows or rolls, can be vacuum-packed with Seal-a-Meal, although they will flatten out. It may take some time for them to recover their shapes once the bag is opened.