How to Freeze Bread Without Crushing With the FoodSaver

By LeafTV Editor

The FoodSaver, a small kitchen appliance, uses vacuum sealing to extend the shelf life of fresh foods. Bread and other baked goods in particular don't last long when exposed to air, and vacuum sealing and freezing can keep them fresh for longer. All FoodSaver models work to remove air from around the food and seal it tightly. It does take some advanced preparation to vacuum seal delicate baked goods without crushing them, but once they are sealed, they can last in the freezer for several months.


Let the bread cool completely at room temperature. Slice it or leave it whole.

Put the loaf on a cookie sheet or another freezer-safe dish and place it into the freezer for several hours, unwrapped, until it is completely firm.

Choose a FoodSaver bag of the correct size for the loaf you are freezing, or make a bag from a FoodSaver roll. To make a bag, place the roll of plastic into the storage compartment and lift the cutting bar. Pull the plastic to the edge of the sealing strip, lower the cutting bar over the plastic and then close and lock the lid. Press the "Seal" button and wait for the seal indicator light to turn off. Unlock and lift the lid and pull out as much bag material as you need to hold the loaf, plus at least 3 more inches. Slide the bag cutter across the plastic to separate the new bag from the rest of the roll.

Place the loaf of bread into the bag, near the sealed end. Leave at least 3 inches between the bread and the unsealed end of the bag.

Put the unsealed end of the bag into the vacuum channel and close and lock the FoodSaver lid. Press the "Vacuum and Seal" button.

Wait for the seal indicator light to turn off, then unlock and lift the lid and remove the bag from the appliance.

Place the newly sealed loaf of bread into the freezer straight away. Use the bread within three months for the best texture and taste.