Steaming vegetables

A steamer pot is easy to use and helps to cook food in a nutritious, healthy manner. It is quick to prepare. and can be stored efficiently in your kitchen pantry.

Turn on your stove top to high heat.

Fill the steamer pot halfway up with water. Place the lid of the steamer pot and place it on the stove top burner that is turned to high heat.

Add the food once the water begins to boil within the steamer pot. Replace the lid. Keep the heat on high until the water begins to boil again and you can hear it within the pot. Once this happens, turn the heat to medium-high.

Let the food cook in the steamer pot for at least 5 minutes (for vegetables) and 10 to 15 minutes (for most meats). Depending on the type of food you are cooking in the steamer pot, this time will vary.

Remove the steamer pot lid. Pour out the steaming water and separate the food into a bowl for seasoning.

Wash the steamer pot in the dishwasher with other dishes.


  • Keep an eye on the food in the steamer pot contents to make sure it does not overcook.