How to Stop Sweaty Feet

By Kimbry Parker

Sweaty feet happen to everyone, but that doesn't make the problem any less unpleasant or embarrassing. Your feet sweat because of the heat trapped against the skin, and it's your body's natural reaction to cool them down. There's no magic potion for stopping sweaty feet altogether, with a bit of extra effort you can reduce odor and soak up the sweat.

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Go barefoot while you're at home to let your feet air out.

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Footwear Matters

Your shoes and socks have an impact on how much your feet sweat. When possible, wear open-toe shoes or sandals. Leather and canvas are the best closed-toe option for allowing feet to breathe and preventing sweat. Choose synthetic-blend, moisture-wicking socks rather than cotton; if you can, change your socks halfway through the day. Let your shoes air out for at least 24 hours after you wear them, and put moisture-blocking insoles inside your shoes to soak up moisture.

Practice Good Foot Hygiene

Keep your feet clean to prevent sweat and bacterial buildup, which can lead to odors. Scrub your feet every day with antibacterial soap and dry them well. Make sure to wash well in between your toes, as well as the tops and bottoms of your feet. Dust your tootsies with talcum powder, cornstarch or baking soda after washing and before putting on your socks, or spritz antiperspirant or deodorant onto your feet.