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Itchy rashes are no fun. They are, in a word, annoying. Having the rash on your butt only makes it worse. Babies aren't the only ones who suffer from rashes on the derriere. Adults can face this embarrassing and uncomfortable problem as well. However, there are ways to get relief from and get rid of these rashes.

See a doctor to determine the type of rash you have. Some can be treated at home with an over-the-counter cream, but others, like ringworm, may require the use of a prescription or anti-fungal cream. Rashes caused by skin conditions, such as eczema or other forms of dermatitis, may need a prescription as well.

Apply a diaper rash product or a hydrocortisone cream two to three times daily on the rash if it does not require the use of a prescription medication.

Keep the area clean. Take a shower or bathe at least once daily, but clean the area more if necessary. Allow the skin to dry completely before treating the rash and putting on your clothing.

Wear clean underwear every day, preferably cotton. Rinse soap from the underwear thoroughly, and use detergents and lotions that are dye- and perfume-free.

Take an antihistamine to help combat itching or a rash that forms because of a possible allergic reaction.

Avoid scratching.


Keep your skin clean and moisturized daily to help prevent rashes from forming.

Switch to breathable materials, such as cotton or "dry fit" fabrics, which allow sweat to evaporate instead of sitting on your skin for long periods of time.


Wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your rash.