How to Stop a Necklace From Catching Hair

By LeafTV Contributor

You love a necklace, but it keeps getting caught in your hair. Not cool! Here's how to avoid this tangled mess.

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How To Stop A Necklace From Catching Hair

Wax On

Candle wax is very helpful on many metals, including gold and silver, and is tarnish-free. Drip candle wax around the area of the necklace that keeps catching hair. (Be sure to do this with the necklace off!) It's not a permanent solution, though; repeat this every month or so on a necklace you wear often.

Turn Things Around

If the clasp is the issue, wear it near the charm or over to the side of your neck. It won't look perfect, but it works.

Close the Loops

Use needle-nose pliers to close any open rings in the chain of the necklace.

Tape Trick

Wrap the area that catches hair with clear tape several times.

Take It Off

Take the necklace off while sleeping or swimming, which can cause avoidable tangles.