How to Stop a Necklace From Catching Hair

By LeafTV Editor

Most women with longer hair know the problem. You love a necklace, but it catches hair, often causing pulling, damage and discomfort. Take some precautionary measures and avoid this irksome problem.

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How To Stop A Necklace From Catching Hair


Figure out where your hair keeps catching. Is there more hair around the clasp? Is the hair tightly wound around a whole two inch section? Finding out where your problem is can help you better address it.

Drip candle wax around the area of the necklace that keeps catching hair. Candle wax is very helpful on many metals, including gold and silver, and is tarnish-free. You will have to repeat this every month or so on a necklace you wear often--it's not a permanent solution.

Turn the clasp away from the back of your head, if the clasp is the issue. Wear the clasp near the charm or over to the side of your neck. It won't look perfect, but it will ease the problem of the clasp catching hair.

Push any large rings of the necklace or open areas around the clasp closed. Needle-nose pliers work well for this. Make sure each ring is completely closed because those that are only closed partially will catch and pull hair.

Slide some clear canister tubing (for aquariums) on the necklace. It's unsightly, but it works. To achieve the same results without altering the look of the necklace, you can wrap the area that catches hair with clear tape several times. Make sure none of the sticky part is exposed or your hair will still catch (possibly worse than before).

Don't wear the chain at all times. Often, sleeping or swimming in a necklace can cause it to catch hair.


  • If you are trying to remove hair that's wrapped around a necklace, rub some olive oil on the hair with a cloth. Go around the hair several times. Make sure to wash the olive oil off of the necklace with jewelry cleaner afterwards.