The tragus on the ear is a small piece of cartilage that projects immediately in front of the ear canal. It's small enough to pierce and jewelry doesn't get in the way or interfere with daily life. To prevent infection in your new tragus piercing, it's crucial to clean it multiple times a day to prevent bacteria from building up around the piercing, which can lead to infection and require you to remove the stud or ring.

Add one to two tablespoons of sea salt, not iodized table salt, to two cups of water.

Wash your hands completely with antibacterial soap.

Dip a cotton ball in the sea salt and water mixture and gently wipe it around both the front and back of your tragus piercing. Get around the metal, and be sure to remove any crusted buildup around the jewelry.


  • Never use alcohol to clean a piercing. It dries the area out.

  • Take care when putting on shirts to prevent them from getting caught on the jewelry.

  • Keep hair tied back if possible to prevent it from wrapping around the post.