Some workplaces do not allow visible body piercings and tattoos. A nostril piercing can be extremely noticeable because of the placement on the face. Hiding or disguising this piercing can be accomplished by putting a piece of clear acrylic or glass jewelry into the piercing before going to work. This type of jewelry is called a retainer and professional piercing shops sell this jewelry and insert it in your nose piercing for you. Leaving the jewelry out while working or wearing makeup over the piercing can result in losing the piercing.

Wait at least until two weeks has passed from the date of the initial piercing so that any swelling will be gone.

Find a reputable, professional piercing shop or go back to the piercer that originally pierced your nostril.

Purchase a clear, flat nostril retainer from the piercer. Most piercers will insert the jewelry for you when you purchase from their shop.

Clean the nostril retainer with a mild soap and water once a day in the shower.


Learn how to change the jewelry yourself so you can wear regular jewelry when not working. Always wash your hands before changing your nostril jewelry.


Never leave jewelry out of the piercing for it can start to shrink or close immediately. Band-aids or covering the piercing can cut off oxygen and result in irritation or delayed healing time. Makeup can clog your piercing causing pressure bumps. Keep foundation and powder away from the piercing, and do not try to cover up the jewelry with it.