How to Remove Tangled Hair From a Necklace

By Gail Logan

A necklace can serve as an eye-catching addition to jazz up any outfit; but if your hair is shoulder-length or longer, you may have experienced strands of hair stuck into the links of the chain. Not only can this be painful when it happens, it can be unsightly. Yanking the hair from the chain may damage the necklace or cause it to become tangled even further. Pulling the hair out of the link with techniques, such as using a safety pin, can be slow and tedious, so a more inventive approach may be in order.

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credit: Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Step 1

Place the chain into the bottom of a cup.

Step 2

Squeeze enough hair removal cream, such as Nair or Neet, over the top of the necklace until it is covered.

Step 3

Allow the cup to sit for five minutes. During this time, the cream will dissolve the hair stuck into the chain.

Step 4

Pull out the chain and rinse thoroughly. Wash hands to remove the cream and avoid causing irritation.

Step 5

Lay the necklace chain on a towel to dry.