Whether it’s your wedding day or prom night, you don’t want a wrinkled dress to be your signature style. And if you’re short of time, taking it to a pro or using a hand-held steamer might not be an option. No matter what material your dress is made of -- linen, taffeta, tulle or even silk -- you can get rid of the wrinkles by steaming your formal dress quickly.


Prep the Room

Chances are you’ll be hopping in the shower before slipping on your dress, and this is the time to steam away the wrinkles. Place your dress on a padded hanger and hang it up in the bathroom. Lay towels over the floor of the bathroom and block the bottom opening of the door with a towel. This will help to keep the bathroom warm and steamy to loosen the wrinkles.

Shower Your Dress With Steam

Run a hot shower, hop in and wash your hair and body while the room fills up with steam. One it’s nice and steamy in the bathroom, turn off the water. Wrap a white towel around your arm and smooth it over the dress, focusing on the wrinkled spots, until all of the creases are smoothed out. The dress will be wrinkle-free and you’ll be well on your way to hair and makeup.

An Alternative Option

If you have a little more time and happen to have a hand-held steamer, hang up the dress and hold the head of the steamer 10 inches or so from the fabric of the dress. Run the steamer slowly down the length of the dress to smooth out wrinkles. Be careful when using a steamer; the steam is very hot and not only can it burn your skin, but also may melt some fabrics if held too close to your dress.