How to Spot Fake Designer Sunglasses

By LeafTV Editor

Designer labels, such as Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Fendi, make high-end sunglasses. These fashionable accessories often sell for several hundred dollars. As a result, it's no wonder that there are many replica designer sunglasses on today's market. If you're shopping for designer sunglasses, keep an eye out for these fake products so you don't end up paying for replicas. If you know what to look out for, it's relatively simple to spot fake designer sunglasses.

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How To Spot Fake Designer Sunglasses


Compare photos of the sunglasses to photos from the designer's official website. If you notice any variations between the two, the sunglasses in question are not authentic. Every pair of sunglasses within a particular design will be identical.

Examine the logo on the sunglasses. Most designer sunglasses feature the designer's logo on their sides. Replica sunglasses often feature some variation from the designer's official logo.

Study the label. Often, fake designer sunglasses have misspellings. For example, "Gucci" may be misspelled as "Guci." The text should also be crisp and evenly spaced.

Assess the craftsmanship of the sunglasses. Designer sunglasses should be sturdy and durable. If the sunglasses in question appear cheap or flimsy, they are undoubtedly not authentic.

Consider the seller. Designer sunglasses are sold in upscale department stores and posh boutiques. If a street vendor is selling the sunglasses, they are likely replicas. If you are purchasing the sunglasses from an auction site, read the seller's feedback before you bid on an item. You should also ask to see photos of the actual sunglasses for sale, rather than just stock photos.

Check the packaging materials. Designer sunglasses come with a case that features the designer's name and logo. If a case is not included with the sunglasses, they are likely fake.