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Cartier Roadster watches are stylish, luxurious and expensive. Because of this, there are many replica watches on the market that are not authentic. If you're buying your Cartier second-hand or from a store that isn't a certified dealer, check your Cartier Roadster for these small clues that will help you identify a genuine Cartier from a replica.

Examine the weight and quality of the watch. A real Cartier will be relatively heavy because it is made of stainless steel.

Evaluate the watch under a magnifying glass. Look for any signs of tampering. There should be no glue or uneven edges on the Cartier logo. The dial's surface should be free of dust or fingerprints.

Check the spelling of the logo. Some low-quality replicas misspell Cartier or use a logo that is not authentic.

Remove the watch’s caseback using a mini screwdriver. Real Cartiers will have Cartier engraved on the inner workings of the watch.

Look on the watch face where the number 3 is displayed. There should be a portion of the face that magnifies this number. Fake Cartiers do not always have this feature.

Look on the watch’s winder. There should be a Cabochon stone on the winder. If this is absent, the watch isn’t real.

Examine the face under a magnifying glass. Real Cartiers are made with scratch-proof glass, so any scratches on the surface will indicate it is a replica. Smear a drop of water on the face's surface. It should pull together in a bead on the sapphire glass surface. If it smears across the surface, it may not be real.

Shine a flashlight on the watch’s face for a few minutes. Take the watch into a dark room to see if the numbers and hands glow. Real Cartiers use LumiNova to make the dials and hands glow. Replicas may not use this substance.


Buy from authentic Cartier dealers if possible. Examine an authentic Cartier Roadster watch at a Cartier store before purchasing one from elsewhere.

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