Cookies fresh from the oven are soft and chewy. Unfortunately, after sitting out overnight, cookies will become hard. Some cookie recipes will harden right after they cool. Placing hard cookies in the microwave for a few seconds will soften them briefly by warming them up. However, when they cool, the cookies will be even harder. Do not waste time and effort by throwing the cookies away. Instead, use a simple solution to soften your hard cookies.

Things You'll Need

Place the hard cookies inside the plastic storage container. Cookies should fit comfortably inside the container and leave extra room. Use more than one container if necessary.

Layer a few slices of bread on top of the cookies. The bread must be light, soft and fresh. An inexpensive white bread works best.

Seal the lid on the container and let the cookies sit for a few hours or overnight.

Open the container and remove the bread. The cookies will be soft because they absorbed the bread’s moisture.

Discard the bread; it will be hard and stale.


  • If the cookies are not soft enough, repeat the process using a few more slices of fresh bread.

  • Add a fresh slice of bread daily to keep cookies soft.

  • Keep the container sealed or the cookies will get hard again.

  • You may substitute half an apple for the bread and it will have the same effect.