How to Soften Homemade Cookies That Have Sat Out Overnight

Cookies fresh from the oven are soft, chewy and delicious. Unfortunately, if they get left out overnight, they're rarely as good. Don't waste stale cookies just because they're a little hard. Here's a simple trick that brings some soft chewiness back into baked goods.

Place the hard cookies inside a plastic storage container. You can stack them, but leave a little extra space at the top. Use more than one container if necessary.

Layer a few slices of soft, fresh bread on top of the cookies. An inexpensive white bread works best.

Seal the lid and let the cookies sit for a few hours or overnight. The cookies absorb the moisture of bread, making them softer and easier to chew.

Open the container, remove the bread and enjoy the cookies.


If the cookies are still not soft enough, repeat the process using a few more slices of very soft, fresh bread.

Add a fresh slice of bread daily to keep cookies soft.

Keep the container sealed or the cookies will get hard again.

You can substitute half an apple for the bread and it will have the same effect.