How to Shorten Wedding Trains

By LeafTV Editor

A bride often chooses a wedding gown based on fashion taste and price. From time to time, what seems to be a perfect gown may come with a not so perfect train. Some brides do prefer long trains but some do not. Cathedral trains for example can span as long as 15 feet or longer while chapel trains can span as long as 7 feet. They can be shortened by dressmakers, but it will cost additional money to do that. If a bride has sewing knowledge this task can be done quite cheaply.

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How To Shorten Wedding Trains


Examine the wedding gown. Check if the train is detachable or not. it is easier to accomplish shortening the size of the wedding train if it is detachable, however if it isn't ,or if it is part of the wedding skirt, do not despair. You just have to work around the wedding gown without putting too much wrinkle or damaging it. if it is not detachable proceed to step 3.

Remove the detachable train.

Lay the train or gown on top of a clean flat table.

Measure from the waist to the tip gown. make sure to take this measure in the center, for trains do come in uneven shapes but, oftentimes, the longest part is the center of the tip end.

Fold the wedding train to the desired length then put several pins to hold them together.

Raise the train (or the entire wedding gown for non-detachable trains) and try it on. See if you are satisfied with the new length.

Now mark the folded crease with a dressmaker's chalk or crayon, give at least 2 to 4 inches allowance for the hem.

Trim or cut down the wedding train from where you put the allowance mark.

Sew the new hem using a sewing machine or you can sew a hem by hand, just make sure that you double-stitch for strength. Use a color of thread that will match closely with your wedding gown. If you have a white wedding gown, choose the type of white that matches it. There are certain variations of white and if the thread shows it will be evident if the tow colors do not closely match. That is why, at times hand-stitching may be a better option so that stitches can be hidden underneath.

Put embellishments at the bottom part of the train that matches what is used for the rest of the gown to make it more attractive and beautiful. Then try on your wedding gown with the newly shortened train. Use steam iron to straighten unwanted wrinkles and creases.