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Having soft, supple feet is great for going barefoot in the summer and slipping effortlessly into sandals and slides. To get those soft feed, removing dead, calloused skin is a must. As long as you are gentle and careful, you can shave dead off skin with ease.

Get a foot shaver. These devices, are sold at most drug stores or beauty supply shops in the foot care section. You are looking for an item with a handle topped with a rounded metal piece that includes a blade in the middle of the rounded piece.

Soak your feet in warm water for at least five minutes to soften the skin. You can add soap or a dollop of bath oil if you wish, but plain water is sufficient. Feet can be soaked in a bathtub or bucket large enough for both feet to be fully submerged.

Make sure the foot shaver is clean and has a blade that is not dulled. Use soft, short motions, applied to only the roughest area of the feet, to shave off the hardened skin.

Tap the razor between each shaving motion to dislodge any skin it shaves off. This can be done in the soaking water or in a nearby wastebasket. Also swirl the shaver in the water between shaves to keep in clean.

Pay extra attention to the heel area, the ball of the foot and the area around the big toe. This is where hardened skin likes to form first. You may need to go over a particularly problematic spot a few times, keeping the razor at the surface level only.

Finish off the process. Use a pumice stone or other foot smoother to exfoliate the entire foot once your shaving is done. This will smooth out any patches that are still hardened but not hardened deep enough for the shaver. Dry feet and apply a thick foot lotion or body oil to moisturize the new skin.


Gentle is the key to shaving feet. You are only going for the top, dead layers of skin which have usually turned a hardened whitish color. Never shave soft, fresh skin. A good way to soak feet is to simply put the stopper in the bathtub when you take a shower if your shower is in the tub. This way your feet are already soaking as you wash and you can shave your feet once your shower is finished.


If you do shave too much or too deep, immediately rinse the area upon finishing and apply a wound disinfectant, healing ointment and bandage. Keep it on overnight. Never try to shave foot skin with a razor used for other shaving or a straight edge razor unless you want to cut up your feet.