By Jayzee A

Walking, running and even standing up can take a toll on your feet. Many people develop calluses, corns and a layer of dead skin on their feet. As a result, feet are often rough to the touch and unattractive. A pumice stone is a small tool used to gently rub away the dead skin, corns and calluses found on your feet. Using a pumice stone properly is important. Improperly using a pumice stone can result in bleeding or infection.

Using a pumice stone regularly will help keep your feet feeling soft.

Step 1

Prepare a mixture of warm water and soap in a large bowl big enough to soak your feet in. The water should be warm and soapy.

You can also use a pumice stone during or after your shower.

Step 2

Soak your feet in the water for at least 5 minutes or until the skin softens.

Step 3

Wet the pumice stone with water.

Step 4

Rub your feet with the pumice stone using light to medium pressure. Gently rub off dead skin, calluses and corns.

Make sure you only rub in one direction.

Step 5

Apply lotion to your feet to moisturize your skin and avoid dryness.