Woman's beauty legs with fashion pedicure at beach

You've most likely seen commercials for the PedEgg, a device designed to smooth out dry, cracked feet, leaving them touchably soft. Curious about the PedEgg? They're easy to use.

Familiarize yourself with the PedEgg. It comes apart at the middle, separating into two halves. When using it to soften your feet you'll use both halves, one at a time.

Make sure your feet are perfectly dry and free of any lotions or creams before using the PedEgg. Using it on wet or moist feet results in tearing of the skin, which will be harder to smooth out. For this reason it's best to use the PedEgg before a shower.

Scrape the dead skin off your feet with the metal half of the PedEgg. Cradle the curved side in the natural curve of the palm of your hand. Rub it back and forth across the dry or rough patches on your feet. Do not apply too much pressure. A lighter stroke is more effective.

Refine the smoothness by using the other half of the egg. Click the two halves back together and use the black emory (sandpapery) surface of the egg. Use this surface to further smooth out the areas that you've worked on with the metal scraper. Again, don't apply too much pressure.

Take the two halves apart again. Remove the metal scraper. You'll see a collection of white powder, which is the dead skin you removed with the scraper. Put this in the trash.

Wipe the scraper and emory surfaces clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Wash your feet to remove the dead skin residue.