How to Remove Hard Skin From Feet

By Isabell Hue

Hard skin on your feet can be ugly and embarrassing. It may also be painful. It needs to be removed to allow for comfortable walking. A nice pedicure would do the trick, but they can be expensive. Hard skin on feet is not hard to remove at home using a few simple tricks and tools.


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Remove Hard Skin From Feet


Step 1

Fill up a large bowl with hot water. Add a little lemon juice and some olive oil to the water. Soak your feet for at least 10 minutes. The lemon will help break down the hard skin and the olive oil will soften it.


Step 2

Remove feet from the water and pat them dry. Massage a thick foot cream on your feet. Look for one that is oil-based.


Step 3

Use a pumice stone or something similar to scrape the areas of your feet with hard skin. Rub the stone against the skin in short quick movements. Do not do it too hard. If the skin does not come off, remove the cream and soak your feet again.


Step 4

After you have removed all of the hard skin, rinse your feet in warm water. Dry them with a towel completely. Make sure that you pay special attention to dry the area in between the toes so that no infection develops.


Step 5

Apply lotion to your feet. Massage it into the skin for a few minutes to make sure that it penetrates the skin.