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Pedicures are not just a relaxing treat, they are vital to keeping feet healthy and looking their best. Shape toe nails in a square shape to give toes a clean, finished look. Perform pedicures on yourself or for others using these techniques for shaping toe nails.

Start the pedicure by removing old polish from the toe nails. Cleanse and rinse the feet. Treat toenails with a nail oil.

Push back cuticles. Trim excess skin from the skin surrounding the toe nail bed. Clean out dirt and debris from under the toe nail and along both sides of each nail.

Use a nail clipper to cut each nail to the desired length. Leave a small strip of white on each toe nail to keep from cutting them too short. Make straight cuts across the top of each nail. Do not curve the corners.

File each nail with a nail file. Make short, quick strokes in one direction across the top of each nail. Keep the corners of the toes squared off and not rounded.

Buff the tops of each nail with a nail buffer. Clean any nail residue out from beneath each toenail and along the sides of each nail.

Wash the nail oil from the toenails, and dry the feet well. Complete the pedicure by polishing each nail with the desired nail polish.