Two inexpensive ways to improve the shape of your face involve facial-exercises and effective makeup application. Here is what you need to learn to make your wide face seem more narrow:

Analyze your face in the mirror

To make the changes in your face you want to make, you must accurately assess its structure. Touch your face as you make "faces" in the mirror so that you can feel how your muscles work. There are nearly one hundred muscles in the face; most of us are rarely aware of them. Read up on basic facial anatomy so that you can better understand how the muscles in your face affect its appearance.

Learn about face-exercises

A quick search for "face-exercise" techniques or "facial-exercises" reveals some of the basic techniques to improve the shape of the face. Carole Maggio, author of Facercise, is one long-time instructor of these methods.

She and others include ways to "perk up" the face and to make it more narrow. One of the ways is to focus on the buccinator muscle. The technique is a combination of physical movements and visualization.

Apply foundation makeup on the lateral (outer) portion of your face

Carefully applied to the side of your face, makeup in a shade that is (slightly!) darker than your natural color will create the illusion of a more narrow face. Be very careful not too leave an obvious demarcation between the darker color and your skin--BLEND well.