Physician wearing blue scrubs

Scrubs are soft cotton pants and shirts worn by men and women commonly working in the field of medicine. New scrubs purchased through medical distributors and uniform supply stores can be expensive, making the purchase of used scrubs an attractive choice. Selling scrubs that are no longer needed is a simple process that involves locating other medical professionals in your community.

Make a list of all of the pairs of scrubs you plan to sell. Include essential information like color, design (if applicable), size and condition.

Take a photo of the scrubs. It helps if the scrubs are attractively presented in the photo. Fold shirts and lay pants flat. If there are several pairs of pants and shirts, it may be necessary to layer the pieces (stacked and spread out similar to that of a fan) to get them all in the photo. Using a photo to sell your scrubs is optional, but recommended.

List your used scrubs for sale in your local community by placing a free ad on Craigslist ( Make sure the scrubs are listed in the appropriate category of "Clothes & Accessories." Add the photo and a detailed description of the scrubs and your contact information.

Use the index cards to write out information about your used scrubs for sale. These cards should be distributed at nearby hospitals, doctor and dental offices which offer community bulletin boards for public use. Include a detailed description, the price and your contact information on each index card.

Consider placing a paid advertisement for your used scrubs in a national or state medical journal.


  • If you have an Ebay account, you may wish to post an online advertisement for your used scrubs on Ebay. Users should be aware that Ebay does charge a listing fee as well as a small percentage of the sale. Ebay also requires the seller to accept Paypal as a payment method, and Paypal also charges fees in relation to the sale. If your scrubs are only worth a few dollars, it may not be worth the time and fees associated with listing the scrubs on Ebay. For more information about Ebay and Paypal, see "Resources."