Fashionable beautiful red handbag on the arm of the girl

Companies that manufacture counterfeit handbags have made a lot of money from unsuspecting consumers. Many fake bags look much like the real version. If you want to avoid buying a fake DKNY handbag, then you'll need to know how to identify a genuine DKNY pocketbook.

Know what the DKNY label looks like. You'll find DKNY in large bold letters with Donna Karen New York in a smaller font underneath. You can check the DKNY website to see an example.

Watch the phrasing used by sellers of DKNY handbags. If you're buying the handbag online, especially on auction sites like eBay, then you'll want to carefully read the wording of the ad. Look for phrases like "DKNY Like," "DKNY Style," or "No Guarantees."

Feel the quality of the handbag. If you want to identify a DKNY handbag as real, then you'll want to handle the bag. You can usually tell the difference of a real versus a fake by looking at the quality of the material used and examining the stitching.

Purchase the DKNY handbag from an authorized seller. If you want to ensure you're identifying a real DKNY handbag, then buy directly from the DKNY site or a department store like Macy's.