In the mood for spring cleaning? Then look through your closet and bag up your old dresses, coats, jeans, skirts and suits. The good news is that you can sell those old clothes for cash at various consignment shops throughout Los Angeles. Clothes with designer labels or in-season designs will sell the fastest. If you are a fashionista who won’t wear the same dress twice, this is a great way to make money.

Things You'll Need

Clean out your closet. Pull out the clothes and shoes you don’t want. Remember that you’re selling these clothes, so they must be clean and in perfect or nearly perfect condition. Place the clothes in a shopping bag or small suitcase.

Head to Buffalo Exchange, which has locations at 131 N. La Brea Avenue, 14621 Ventura Blvd and 2449 Main Street. Take your clothing to the buy counter. An employee will go through your clothes and choose which pieces she thinks will sell.

Take your designer and fashionable clothing to Crossroads Trading Company at 7409 Melrose Avenue
 in Hollywood or 1449-B 4th Street in Santa Monica. Employees will sift through your items and buy the clothing that they want to sell in the store. Crossroads will pay you 35 percent of the price the item will be sold for in the store.

Take your garments to Squaresville at 1800 N. Vermont Ave. Although this funky little store in the Los Feliz neighborhood specializes in vintage clothing, it’s more than happy to buy your designer-label pieces. It’s open seven days a week (but not before noon!) You can drive there and park on the street or take the Red Line of the Los Angeles County Metro Rail to the Sunset/Vermont stop.