How to Sell Used Clothes in Los Angeles

By LeafTV Contributor

Cleaning your closet can lead to extra money in your wallet. Instead of holding onto clothes you don't wear, sell them for cash. Los Angeles is home to a variety of stores where you can sell your used clothing and accessories.

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Consignment Shops for Men and Women

In Los Angeles, you can take your clothing to consignment shops or resale boutiques. Entre Nous is an upscale consignment shop that pays you up to 70 percent of your item's sale price. It accepts only designer brands, such as Chanel and Balenciaga. Two shops -- SquaresVille and Buffalo Exchange -- offer consignment and cash payout options. If you don't want to wait for your item to sell, the cash payout is money upfront for your item. Generally, the payout is slightly less than the standard commission, but you get it immediately.

Kids Consignment

LA Kids Consignment allows you to sell your used children's clothing and other kid-related items through sales held twice a year. In spring and fall, the company holds four-day consignment sales. You'll need at least 30 items and no more than 300. All items are inspected to ensure they're clean and in good condition. If you work a three-hour shift as a volunteer you'll earn 70 percent of the sale price of your items. Otherwise you'll earn 65 percent.