How to Select Colors According to Astrological Signs

By Alyson Paige

Astrological signs are grounded in distinctive elements that resonate powerful colors. When choosing colors that appeal to your individuality, reflect on your astrological sign,. You can include your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs. When you delve into color as it relates to astrological signs, you may be surprised to find that the colors of your sign are colors toward which you always have gravitated. On the other hand, you might find colors that you never considered and which invite you to climb out of your color box.

Select Colors According to Astrological Signs

Step 1

Determine your astrological sign and find out with which element your sign is associated. If your Sun sign is Leo, for example, that is a Fire sign. It breaks down this way:Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo;Air signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra;Fire signs: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo;Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.The elements are important because they determine the types of colors associated with them.

Step 2

Learn what colors are associated with astrological elements. Astrological signs in the Earth element are drawn to colors easily associated with the Earth. Think soil, tress, clay and grasses. Browns, terracotta, greens of any shade and black resonate with people who have a powerful Earth-sign presence in their horoscopes.

Step 3

Select the best colors for Fire signs. Leos, Sagittarians and Arians are more flamboyant than their Earth cousins, and their colors bear that out. Look for golds and reds. as well as deep purple and violet. Deep and attention-grabbing colors are well-suited to Fire signs.

Step 4

Search for clothing or home interiors that bring contentment to Air signs. Air, like Earth and Fire, brings to mind immediate associations. Sky and breath come to mind. Opalescent blues and all varieties of blue--from the translucent blue of a bright summer sky to turquoise--are perfect for free-circulating Aquarians, Libras and Geminis.

Step 5

Dive deep into Water-sign colors. Because water can be as powerful as the ocean's tides or as mellow as a mountain stream, reds and the deep blue-green of the planet's seas radiate their energy into the Water signs' souls.