If you are interested in sanding off your facial scars, there is one treatment that has great results. Microdermabrasion is a way to gently sand off acne scars and regular scars. It works by removing the top few layers of skin so that new, healthy skin can form. If your scars are not too deep, then microdermabrasion may be the best solution for you.

Visit a dermatologist to analyze your particular situation. Ask if microdermabrasion is right for you. It may not be the best option for everyone. Ask to see examples of microdermabrasion treatments that your dermatologist has completed.

Lay down on a table while the dermatologist applies a mild anesthetizing cream to your face. He will also apply a slightly acidic cream to your face that will loosen the top cells of your skin in preparation for the sander.

Relax while the dermatologist runs a small sand blaster instrument over your scars. It blasts microparticles onto your skin and then vacuums them back up. This may burn slightly depending on how many layers of skin the dermatologist is taking off.

Apply medicated moisturizer to your face after the treatment that the dermatologist will provide to you. Stay out of the sun for a few days because your skin will be tender and raw for a couple of weeks. If you go outside, wear sunscreen and a hat. Avoid putting makeup on your new skin to allow it to breathe and heal. It is prone to infection at this point and is trying to repair itself.

Return to see your dermatologist after your skin has healed to see whether you need another treatment. It usually takes a few sessions of microdermabrasion to remove all scars, but it depends on how deep they are. Sometimes the dermatologist may suggest an alternative approach, such as glycolic skin peels or acne punch procedures, which are slightly more invasive than microdermabrasion. Combine several treatments in conjunction with microdermabrasion. Using a product that contains salicylic acid will help remove the top layer of skin, and smoothing vitamin E cream over your scars at night will minimize the appearance of them.


  • Compare prices for microdermabrasion treatment; dermatologists charge the most and aestheticians charge the least.

  • Apply vitamin E oil to new scars to minimize the lasting effects on your skin.