How to Reverse Gauged Ears

By Maude Coffey

Stretched ears are the result of an earlobe piercing that has been gradually tapered to a larger gauge. Some people may choose to stretch their ears and wear jewelry in the piercings for a certain amount of time and then decide to remove the jewelry. Whether the reason is work related or personal, reversing the process is possible. Reversing the gauge, or size, of the earlobes is possible if the ears are anywhere from the small size of 16 gauge to the large size of 0 gauge. Learning how to reverse the size of the earlobes can help a person attain the goal of closed ears.

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Step 1

Remove jewelry from the ears.

Step 2

Wash the ears daily with a mild soap and water.

Step 3

Leave the jewelry out of the ears until the desired size is reached. Do not place any jewelry in the ears if completely closing the ears is the outcome desired.