How to Repair a Kenneth Cole Watch

By Tamara Runzel

Kenneth Cole started his company in the early 1980s, selling shoes out a truck trailer in midtown Manhattan. He has since expanded his company and now sells clothing for men and women, shoes and accessories. One accessory Kenneth Cole is known for is his watches. They are available for men, women and children. You should buy Kenneth Cole watches from the company or a Kenneth Cole retailer only. Watches bought from Kenneth Cole or a Kenneth Cole retailer are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover repairs needed because of normal wear and tear.

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Bought from Kenneth Cole Store

Step 1

Write your name, address, phone number and a description of the problem on a sheet of paper.

Step 2

Put the watch and the paper with your information in a padded envelope.

Step 3

Mail your package to:

Step 4

Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. Attn: Returns Department 229 Hollie Drive Martinsville, VA 24112

Step 5

Send the package via Certified Mail and insure it.

Step 6

Wait four to six weeks. If the repair is under warranty, Kenneth Cole Productions will make the repair and mail your watch back to you. If the repair is not under warranty, it will call you to let you know the charges.

Bought from Official Kenneth Cole Retailer

Step 7

Find the website for the retailer where you bought your watch. Look for warranty information on the website. This location should have the address where you will send your watch for repairs.

Step 8

Fill out a form with your name, address, phone number and a description of the problem. Some retailers have forms on their website. The form may include the style number, which is found on the case back.

Step 9

Include $8.50 to cover return postage in a check, money order or credit card information. The type of payment varies from retailer to retailer, but the amount is generally consistent.

Step 10

Include any extra money needed for repairs if they are not under warranty. This includes repairs such as a battery, case or strap. This also varies from retailer to retailer. Some ask you to include the money ahead of time; others will call after seeing the watch.

Step 11

Put the watch, any information and money into a padded envelope and send it to the appropriate address. Insure the package.