How to Remove White Out From the Hands

By Mary Ylisela

White Out, also known as liquid paper, is used to cover mistakes that have been written or typed on paper in ink. The use of White Out prevents the writer from having to write or print out an entirely new paper. White Out is meant to be permanent so when it gets on your skin it can be difficult to remove. Follow a few simple steps and use supplies from home to remove White Out from skin as well as the unsightly white stains it leaves.

White out stains can be removed from skin.

Step 1

Pour baby oil onto the White Out stain on your skin. Rub the oil into your skin and allow it to soak into skin for five minutes. The oil breaks up and softens the White Out.

A toothbrush is firm but gentle enough to scrub skin.

Apply a few more drops of baby oil to the White Out stained skin. Scrub with an old toothbrush to loosen and remove the stains.

Cotton balls gently remove stains.

Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe over the White Out stained area to remove any remaining White Out.

Soap and water removes your cleaning agents.

Wash your skin using soap and water, paying close attention to the area that was stained with White Out.

Terry cloth towels are absorbent.

Dry your skin using a clean towel.