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White hair has become very en vogue in the past several years. Many beautiful actors and actresses, like the Oscar-winning Helen Mirren, have begun to reveal their natural hair color, giving encouragement to others to do the same. If keeping up with your hair color dyings, root dyings, hot oil treatments and deep-conditioning treatments is burning a big hole into your pocket or you're just getting tired of the maintenance and hassle, try going natural.

Dye your hair light silver or white, using a semi-permanent product. Keep dying your hair until it is naturally 40 percent white. Once you've reached that stage, you can stop dying it altogether. Unfortunately, to go white naturally and look good in the transition, you have to start by dying your hair to prevent the unappealing mixed look.

Trim your hair every six weeks. Cutting off the ends encourages hair growth and removes the old color while you're still dying it.

Apply a hot oil treatment once per week. White hair tends to be coarse and wiry, so using a hot oil treatment helps keep it healthy and soft. Put the oil vial in hot water for five minutes, then pour the oil over your hair. Leave it on for several minutes, then rinse it out. Hot oil treatments can be purchased at any beauty supply or drug store.

Schedule a deep-conditioning treatment with your stylist every other visit to the salon. Deep-conditioning treatments go even further than home treatments to soften coarse hair and keep it healthy.