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If you have an unusually white scalp, you may have dry skin on your head. A dry scalp can lead to itchiness, flaking skin and very white skin. A dry scalp can also lead to dandruff or a chronic scalp disorder. In order to get rid of a white scalp, you must take special care of your scalp using scalp shampoo and natural remedies. By getting rid of your white scalp, you may feel more comfortable on a daily basis.

Obtain a scalp-specific shampoo and use it daily. Some good scalp shampoos have tar extract in them to help with dandruff. You can find a scalp-specific shampoo in most all-purpose stores.

Schedule your life so you have the least amount of stress as possible. A high amount of stress often makes a white and dry scalp worse.

Take showers with warm or cool water. Water that's too hot can damage the scalp causing it to become flaky and unusually white. Hot water can also cause extremely dry or oily skin.

Expose your skin to natural sunlight. Sunlight will replenish your scalp with vitamin D causing it to become healthier and obtain a darker shade of color.


Do not stay in the sun for an extended period of time.