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Scalp folliculitis, a disorder that occurs on the top of the head, is an inflammatory reaction in the hair follicles, causing sore red pumps throughout the scalp (appearing almost like pimples or rashes on the head). There are several over-the-counter and home remedies you can use to treat the condition.

Burow's Solution

Burow's Solution is a topical product you can purchase at most pharmacies without a prescription. The product combines water and aluminum acetate and when applied to the folliculitis on your scalp, the itching and inflamed skin subsides, and the bacteria eventually subsides and stops growing. Apply the Burow's Solution to your scalp three to six times a day to increase the healing process. If you shower immediately after the application, you will not reap the benefits.

Antibacterial Soap

Take a shower every day. This helps keep the scalp folliculitis from spreading. Additionally, use an antibacterial shampoo around the infected area. The shampoo should contain either selenium or propylene glycol. These medications help reduce the itching and can eventually stop and reverse the growth of the scalp folliculitis.

White Vinegar

If you cannot find Burow's Solution you can create a substitute that works in a similar way. In a clean water bottle combine 1 tbsp. white vinegar with 1-1/3 cups water. Shake the bottle to ensure the solution mixes. Soak the concoction into a cotton ball and place the cotton ball on the infected area. Put pressure on the cotton ball for five to ten minutes, then discard. Repeat this process three to six times a day.