How to Remove Play-Doh From Hair

By Eve Frost

Just about every small child has played with and loved Play-Doh. Kids enjoy the way is feels and the fact that they can create just about anything they can imagine out of it. Just like most things children enjoy, there is always the possibility of a huge mess. Play-Doh's clay like composition leaves a small window of time before it hardens into a solid mass. If you find your child with Play-Doh in her hair do not panic, it can be removed carefully without a new haircut.

A wet toddler smiles while taking a bath
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Step 1

Assess the damage and start by removing anything currently in the hair. Take out any bows, clips or ponytail holders.

Step 2

Group hair into small sections with the section clips so you can work on one section at a time. Use this method if you have a lot of long hair with a lot of Play-Doh in it. Skip to the next step if your child has shorter, easy to manage hair.

Step 3

Comb the hair out until you get to the Play-Doh. Pour some hot water into a bowl and add some soap to it. Get your washcloth soaked in the hot soapy water. Use the washcloth and grasp the actual Play-Doh.

Step 4

Roll the Play-Doh in between the washcloth like you are massaging it. You will see the smeared Play-Doh being dissolved into the cloth. Soak and rinse the washcloth out, and then repeat until all the Play-Doh has been dissolved out of the hair. Comb out out the strands after you think you have removed all of it. Repeat with the wash cloth until you can comb all the way through the strands.

Step 5

Shampoo the soap out of the hair,and be sure to use a conditioner because soap has a tendency to dry out hair. Be sure to remove all of the Play-Doh before washing the hair.