How to Deep Condition Hair After a Perm

By LeafTV Editor

How to Deep Condition Hair After a Perm. It's a frightening experience to come out of the salon with an overdone perm. If this happens to you, then stop crying and perform emergency hair repair before it's too late. The antidote for after the perm is a deep conditioner. Use the following tips to help you restore some control to your hair and to your emotions.

Deep Condition Hair After a Perm

Step 1

Use a salon quality deep conditioner. Most of the name brands all have a product marketed as deep conditioning such as Pantene ProV, Redkin, Paul Mitchell or Salonboy.

Step 2

Ask for a deep conditioner with keratin as a listed ingredient. This is a restorative protein, of which your hair is in desperate need of right now. The brand isn't so much important as what's in the deep conditioner. ApHOGEE has a good deep conditioner that contains keratin and green tea.

Step 3

Read the labels of the deep conditioners to make sure you are purchasing one that's for permed hair, dry hair or damaged hair. The chemicals in the perm solution strip the natural oils from your hair, so the last thing you need is a conditioner that dries your hair out even more. You need deep conditioners that are going to replenish moisture in your hair.

Step 4

Rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water rather than shampoo right after the perm. This is especially important if you feel sticky or your skin or scalp is irritated from the perm.

Step 5

Put the deep conditioner to your damp hair and gently work it all through your hair down to the roots against the scalp. Let the conditioner set in your hair for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Step 6

Give the conditioner a chance to keep working in your hair by not blow-drying your hair. This will only cause damage to your hair. Instead, towel dry your new perm and gently lift and fluff with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb as it dries naturally.

Step 7

Apply a deep conditioner that is designed to leave in, if your hair is extremely dry from your perm. "Hask" has an excellent and inexpensive leave in conditioner that contains needs oils and glycerine to help repair some of the drying damage. Sometimes, it's beneficial to use a cap over the deep conditioner to give the conditioner help in activating its ingredients to work on your hair. Follow the directions, let the "leave in" conditioner absorb in your hair and then style as usual.

Step 8

Go back to the salon where you got your perm if it's really too dry. Let the salon apply a deep conditioner to your hair and then work with it to get the texture and feel you want with your permed hair.