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Soft, shiny hair isn't just for the ladies. Some men may limit hair care to a dab of harsh, generic shampoo in the shower followed by a quick run-through with a comb, while others may opt for moisture-stripping hair gels or hot-blow-dryer styling techniques. Either way, a bit of extra attention and healthy moisturizing can turn men's hair from dry, dull and lifeless to soft, healthy and lustrous.

Shampoo your hair only when it needs it, as frequent shampooing strips the natural moisture from the hair. Wash your hair every day if it gets dirty at work or if you exercise. Otherwise, every two or three days may be enough.

Wash your hair with warm water and a mild shampoo formulated specifically for dry hair, or use a dandruff shampoo if you notice white flakes. Rinse thoroughly, as shampoo residue causes hair to look dull and lifeless. Avoid hot water for shampooing and rinsing; hot water dries the hair.

Follow each shampoo with a moisturizing conditioner, which softens the hair and helps it maintain natural moisture. Massage the conditioner gently through the hair so all strands are coated, then leave the product in your hair for five minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Condition your hair in the shower to provide moisture, even on days you don't shampoo.

Apply a heat-protectant spray or lotion if you use a blow-dryer. Set the dryer on the lowest setting, then keep the dryer moving to prevent concentration of heat in one spot.

Deep condition your hair weekly to nourish your hair and boost moisture. Place equal amounts of olive oil and coconut oil in a bowl, then place the bowl in the microwave and warm the oils to a comfortable temperature. Massage the oils through your hair with your fingers, then comb your hair to distribute the oils evenly. Leave the oil in your hair for three or four hours, then shower and condition. For comfort, you can wear a shower cap while you wait.

Massage a few drops of olive, jojoba, avocado or coconut oil into your hair as needed to provide control and to add additional moisture. Avoid hair products with fragrance or alcohol, which dry the hair quickly.