How to Remove Nail Polish

By LeafTV Editor

How to Remove Nail Polish. Nail polish is a great decorative tool to dress up any outfit, but it can be a pain to remove easily and completely. Many nail polish remover products can also damage nails. Follow these steps to make nails look great after you remove the polish, or apply a new coat without causing nail damage.

Remove Nail Polish

Step 1

Ventilate the room by opening a window or turning on a fan. Many nail polish removers have a strong scent; they can be toxic if you breathe too much of the fumes.

Step 2

Select a product to remove the polish. Products that contain acetone work quickly and effectively, although they can have strong odors and dry out cuticles. Non-acetone removers are better for your nails but can take longer to remove all polish and may still dry out cuticles. Choose gel products to remove polish; they are best for your nails but can take the longest.

Step 3

Gather your remover, as well as a cotton ball, paper towel, or pressed cotton pad to remove the polish. Moisten the cotton or paper towel with the selected remover.

Step 4

Press the remover onto the first nail to loosen the polish. Hold it for a few seconds on each nail.

Step 5

Bring the cotton or paper towel over the length of the nail to pull the polish away. Work from the base of the nail to the tip, and repeat until all polish is gone from the nail; repeat the process for the rest.

Step 6

Wash your hands and use an oil or cream designed for cuticles (or any moisturizer if a specific product is not on hand) on your cuticles after you remove the polish; this softens cuticles and prevents damage.