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Earrings can complement clothing and draw attention to facial features. They are available in a seemingly endless assortment of colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Thanks to clip-on styles, even those without pierced ears can wear them. Unfortunately, some clip-on earrings can be unpleasant to wear because they pinch. There is a way, however, to make them more comfortable.

Earring Cushions

Find a good example of the type of the adhesive-backed foam you need by examining the small eyeglass nose pads found in most eyeglass repair kits; they are also sold separately. These are flesh-toned foam pads specially designed to prevent eyeglasses from feeling too hard or heavy on the nose. They have peel-off backing that, once removed, reveals a strongly adhesive side, which is pressed onto the nose rest portion of eyeglasses. Once trimmed to fit, these are ideal for use as cushions on your clip-on earrings. You can also find adhesive foam pads or tape of a similar composition at craft-supply or hardware stores.

Cut the Foam to Fit

Cut adhesive-backed foam to the right size to fit on the clips of your earrings. Plan to place one small piece of foam on the portion of each clip that comes in contact with the back of your earlobe. If you want extra cushioning, you can also place a piece of foam on the back of the display portion of the earring, so that both the front and back of your earlobe are cushioned. Use small scissors to cut the foam into petite pads.

Remove the Backing and Apply

Peel the backing away from the sticky side of the foam pads after you have cut them to fit. Position the pads where you desire on your clip-on earrings, and press them down. For added security, consider adding a few dabs of heavy-duty glue to the back of each pad before pressing it to the earring; this is a more permanent mounting, however, and will be harder to remove if your cushioning strategy changes.

Reapply as Needed

Keep the foam pads on the earrings for as long as you desire, or as long as the adhesive holds. Cut out several small foam pads in advance and keep them on hand so that you can apply them to your clip-on earrings whenever you need to.

Buy Specially Made Clip-On Earring Cushions

Visit a retailer where jewelry is sold and look for packages of reusable cushions specially designed to fit on the clips of your earrings. Some are adhesive and made to stick on the clips, while others slide over the clips like little sleeves.

Loosen the Clip

Sometimes it is possible to gently loosen the spring action of the clip in clip-on earrings, so that the earrings can be worn comfortably without pads. Be careful not to compromise the grip of the clip.