How to Remove Lace Glue

By MayankJ

Lace wigs or hairpieces are used to make hair look fuller, to lower a hairline or otherwise supplement real hair with a hairpiece. The lace wigs are secured to the head by the use of a lace glue or tape adhesive. When removing the hairpiece or wig, the adhesive is removed so that the wig or hairpiece comes off without damage.

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Step 1

Gather up the lace wig in a hand to form a ponytail. It is not necessary to move it away from the rest of the hair. Move it so the location where glue or tape was added to the scalp is visible.

Step 2

Saturate the glue with a removing solvent. There are several lace wig removal solvents for different adhesives. Solvents range from glue-dissolving agents to alcohol or citric acid. Use the appropriate removal solvent for the specific adhesive.

Step 3

Allow the solvent to sit for about two to three minutes. Gently remove the lace wig. If there are spots that are not easily coming free, add more solvent and wait a moment and then pull it away.

Step 4

Spray or soak the lace wig with the glue-removal solvent to dissolve glue that remains in the wig after removal. Remove the glue completely before washing the wig with water and shampoo. Style and store according to the wig instructions.

Step 5

Shampoo and clean glue from skin. Most glue is dissolved and removed from the skin during the removal of the wig. Any that remains will clean away with shampoo and water.