By Betsy Morgan

When mascara isn't enough, many women turn to false eyelashes to add volume and length to their lashes. Whether applied at home or in the salon, false eyelashes can last for several weeks, held by a strong glue that binds them to eyelids. The problem many women run into is removing the lashes. Care must be taken when removing false lashes to thoroughly remove glue and prevent damage to natural lashes.

False eyelashes require patience to remove correctly.

Step 1

Loosen any eyelash glue residue by rinsing your face with water and a gentle cleanser.

Step 2

Place a small amount of false-eyelash remover onto a cotton ball and gently massage it into the lash line area, working from the outer edge inward. Instead of false-eyelash remover, you can use eye-makeup remover, olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Let the remover or oil soak in for up to a minute to soften the glue.

Step 3

Gently grasp the false lashes at one end and pull off. Use tweezers to remove individual soft lashes. If lashes do not come off easily, apply more remover to the glue to let it soften further.

Step 4

Add more remover or oil to any leftover eyelash glue residue and gently wipe away with a cotton swab.

Step 5

Rinse face with water and a gentle cleanser, making sure the eye area is completely clean.